Popularily referred to as CFugue, meaning Carnatic Fugue or the C/C++ replacement of JFugue, MusicNoteLib is a high level Music Programming Library. This library makes it possible to play music notes directly from C/C++ programs, without ever having to deal with the low-level MIDI complexities. This library provides a beautiful abstraction that lets you concetrate on programming the music rather than worry about the MIDI nuances. Provides features that makes it possible to use this library directly from many platforms, including but not limited to ASP pages, .Net applications and even non-Windows based systems.

For usage samples and further details, please refer to the documentation at http://musicnote.sourceforge.net/docs/html/index.html

Using this library to play music is as easy as writing plain music notes. Just create a Player object and call the Play method on it supplying the Music notes to be played. Simple.

Example Usage:

MusicNoteLib::Player player; // Create the Player Object 
player.Play("C D E F G A B"); // Play the Music Notes on the default MIDI output port
With built-in support for both Carnatic and Western Music alike, this is the first and only one of it kind.

If you wish to take part in building this world class library, join the CFugue project development team at: http://musicnote.sourceforge.net/

This is a product of CineFx Research Labs, distributed under LGPL with the hope that it will be useful. No warranty of what-so-ever is implied, including MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Refer to LGPL for more details.

Author: Gopalakrishna Palem

Web: http://www.CineFxLabs.com

Copyright (C) 2009 CineFx Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.