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Thread: DD/MM/YYYY date format issue with RecordSelectionFormula/Crystal Reports.NET

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    DD/MM/YYYY date format issue with RecordSelectionFormula/Crystal Reports.NET

    I am using Crystal Reports.NET (from VB.NET), in VS 2008.

    I am creating a selection statement programitically using the RecordSelectionFormula property of the report class.

    There seems to be some bug/problem when using a regional date format of DD/MM/YYYY (English - Australia or New Zealand in this case) in this selection formula.

    The code and selection statement works perfectly in MM/DD/YYYY format (English - United States), but not at all with the above mentioned format. I have been able to reproduce this problem easily by switching the regional date settings back and forth.
    I am getting the date from a DateTimePicker control. The code I am using is below:

    objReport.RecordSelectionFormula = _

    "{AlarmOccurrence.StartTime} >= #" & FormatDateTime(dteStartDate.Value, DateFormat.ShortDate) & " 12:00 AM# AND " & _
    "{AlarmOccurrence.StartTime} <= #" & FormatDateTime(dteEndDate.Value, DateFormat.ShortDate) & " 11:59 PM#"

    ' In the above I am selecting all alarm occurrences for a date range
    ' from beginning of start date (12:00 AM) to end of end date (11:59 PM)
    ' dteStart and End Date are retrieved from DateTimePicker

    Does anyone know of an existing bug/problem with Crystal Reports.NET or know of something else I might be doing wrong?
    Thanks much!!!

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    How are the dates/time stored in the database?

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    This column is stored as a "datetime" datatype in a SQL Server Express 2005 DB.

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    Then loose the # only need those for Access dates.

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    I found it....

    I found the problem.
    Thank you for the reply Hack, that wasn't quite it, but it led me down the correct path for finding it.

    Crystal Reports DOES need the "#" signs ONLY with date literals in selection statements. VB may not, except access like you say, but crystal reports does.
    HOWEVER, that was the problem. Date literals in selection statements in Crystal Reports are ALWAYS interpreted as US date formats, regardless of what regional settings the system is using.
    The key is to use Crystal Reports functions, DateTime functions embedded in the selection string INSTEAD of hard coding the date literals. The DateTime functions will interpret the regional date settings.....................

    I had to use a:

    "{AlarmOccurrence.StartTime} >= DateTime(""" & strStartDate.Trim & """) And {AlarmOccurrence.StartTime} <= DateTime(""" & strEndDate.Trim & """)"


    After digging...and digging....and digging... see the doc below that I found from Crystal:

    CDateTime ("8/6/1976 1:20 am")
    CDateTime ("10:20 am")

    However, there is one key difference between using date-time literals and the above usage of CDateTime. Date-time literals always use U.S. English date formats rather than settings from the locale of the particular computer on which Crystal Reports is running.
    Thus, the date-time literal examples above would work on all computers. On the other hand, on a French system, you could use constructions like:
    CDateTime ("22 aout 1997") 'Same as #Aug 22, 1997#

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