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Thread: How to include System.Core.dll (.net 3.5) to a .net 2.0 application

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    How to include System.Core.dll (.net 3.5) to a .net 2.0 application

    My project is in .net framwork 2.0 and i want to use TimezoneInfo class.

    When i use the below is giving an error like " Type TimezoneInfo is not defined"

    Dim zones As ReadOnlyCollection(Of TimeZoneInfo) = TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones()

    Actually my requirement is to get all the timezones and functions for getting time by timezoneId.

    How can i use the TimezoneInfo class in .Net 2.0 Application

    Thank you,

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    Technically this is not possible, yet. With .NET you can only load one version of the framework into an app domain so, since your application is based on 2.0 you would not be able to reference and use the 3.5 assemblies as well. Now, 3.5 is based on 2.0 so you should be able to recompile your application as a 3.5 application and it should work without any major issues. There may be small changes needed, but even that is unlikely.
    John Wiese
    ISV Architect Evangelist - Microsoft

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