I am creating a EXE file in VB .NET 2008 , which has files referencing in MDB & XLS & text files.

I also created Setup for the missing DLL's on my clients computers which may or may not have .NET components & Office DLL's.
The setup installs the files successfully.

The program is well tested with results on my computer which has Vista & VS 2008

The problem is:
I install the setup on one of my clients computer. It installs successfuly with all DLL's.
When I run the program, nothing happes, It shows me the screens, but when I start my processess,
I get nothing, No Error issues, no file missing issues, no run time exceptions either.

The process is suppose to create few folders and files in it. The folders are not created.

I have initialized all variables to avoid any run time exceptions, and tried to hopefully even handle the exceptions.

Any help in this regard, will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for posting back.
( I am newbie in .NET development, I may have missed something to mention, please ask if I have done so )