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Thread: IE7 Protected Mode blocking my Plugin

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    Nov 2009

    Question IE7 Protected Mode blocking my Plugin

    I have an IE plugin writtten in VB6

    It is digitally signed and runs fine on XP

    However on Vista, IE7, with UAC on and in Protected Mode, the plugin will not run correctly, it will not interact correctly with other dll's it calls. Data is not passed correctly.

    If I turn Protected Mode off, everything runs fine.

    Appreciate if someone could suggest how I programatically have the plugin dll override/bypass the Protected Mode ? I thought having it signed would do the trick but it seems not.


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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    What does "it will not interact correctly" mean?

    What is it supposed to do?
    What does it do?

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    Nov 2009
    Thanks for the reply Hack,

    The imbedded dll plugin toolbar calls routines in a referenced dll while passing some info to that dll such as the users name for example.

    In the referenced dll an mdb database is checked using the users name. This database is located in %ApplicationDataFolderCommon% \ <appname>

    In IE7 with Protected Mode checked, I simply receive a response that the user is not registered. With Protected Mode unchecked, it works fine.

    All dll's are correctly signed.

    Happy to supply any further info


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