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Thread: " could not be loaded while adding activex component to project

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    May 2006

    " could not be loaded while adding activex component to project


    I have created activex control (say relcontrol)which refers another activex control(listcontrol)(this also i have created).

    In the project i have added both the activex control projects. in the components list of the relcontrol i have added listcontrol which is present in this vbp.

    when i set compoents for the vb project while adding the path for relcontrol it gives err " could not be loaded.

    Can anyone plzzzzzzzz help me on this.

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    May 2006
    Hi Friends

    Got the solution. Posting thinking that it may help someone else

    Just c this link

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    Dec 2009

    Smile That helped me a lot!!

    Thanks A lot!!! You saved me. i struck with one error "object library invalid or ..." in vb 6 while adding the activex component which is our own control. i was able to resolve that error by unregistering the control first and then setting "No compatibility" then build the ocx and then register it.i'm not sure, after this when i try to add the component i came across this error "component could not be loaded". then i saw this thread, tried same steps , and finally i was able to solve the problem!!

    Thanks again!!

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