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Thread: Question on PnD Wizard Dependencies ...

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    Apr 2004

    Question Question on PnD Wizard Dependencies ...

    VB6/WinXP/Hobby Programmer. While using the PnD wizard I came upon a warning for the first time that said these files ...


    ... had 'Out of Date Dependency information'.

    After researching a bit on the Internet I assume this is because I updated those files at Microsoft's site using both the SP6 download and another that updated those specific files (and maybe a couple others) and they are now 'out of sync with their dependency files'.

    Can someone tell me:

    -Do all OCX files have an accompanying dependency file? (or need to)

    -How can I get these two files sync'ed back up with my system so it doesn't make me so nervous using my PnD Wizard?

    I see that the PnD Wizard can somehow be used to make new dependency files (very confusing instructions, when any, and not sure what to do with it when I make it), but no matter what I did (I did get a dependency file created), I still got the same PnD warning when I tried to re-package. Did I put the new dependency file in the wrong place (in the package instead of maybe in the Win System32 folder?)?

    Any help or insight appreciated, as always.


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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    OCX files are a dependency file and need to be included in your setup package if you have used controls contained within them.

    As long as these dependency files are registered with the OS, then it doesn't matter where you put them on the hard drive.

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    Apr 2004
    Thanks, Hack. The OCX files were being included as normal in my package (I have packaged this updated app many times over the years), but just recently I got these warnings that the 'out of date dependency information'. Why stress us out with this warning if nothing important has changed?

    Can I just ignore the warning as long as the PnD wizard is including the proper .OCX's in the package? It seems to be including the same four it's always does, but now I'm just a little bit more paranoid that something down the line will not work. And you're talking about the OCX's themselves ... where the wizard seems to be requesting an accompanying .dep file (dependency), not the OCX's (which seem to be included as normal).

    If familiar with dependency files can you tell me (or anyone else tell me) the steps to properly make one with the PnD wizard, and where I should put that dependency file when it's completed, so that this issue is sync'ed up in my VB land?


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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Where are you installing this app that is causing the errors?

    Do you have a fresh machine, without this app on it? If so, I'd install it there, then put the app through its paces to see if you can detect any abnormalities.

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