Having a few problems with a small project c# WPF
Most of my buttons work and create reports
But m method of the insert coins doesnt work cauze i can only click once on a coin.
An overview of the program.
The Flow of the project.
1.The Report "Choose" shown on the screen on start window.2.User chooses Drink /Coke/Water/Coffie/Beer// The choice is made by clicking on of the drinks in Make a Choice The drink and price displays next to the "current choice". The Report changes from choose to Pay.3.The user can now click on the Coin Buttons //2/1/0.50/0.20/0.10/0.05Euro// the total of the coin insert is displays next to the inserted coin(s)4.When there is enough money inserted the coin buttons become inactive. and the button Buy drink becomes active the Report changes to buy drink5.Afther the user clicks Buy drink The report changes to "take drink" below report there is another report given: -Take your "chosen drink" -money back "the money that is more than the price of the drink" -the total coin given back The button Take Drink becomes visble And all the rest of the buttons become inactive
6.After the user clicks on take drink the program starts again. Note: Till point 4, the user can still change drink.So the If the drinks changes price and the inserted coins are blow or more than the chosen drink The Report changes also Pay or BuyPrices are Coke 0,50 /Water0,60 /Coffie 1,20 / Beer 4
pic: http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/5...tdrinkvend.jpg