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Thread: I ask open gif in IE 8.0 ?

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    Mar 2008

    I ask open gif in IE 8.0 ?

    The previous, i have use The IE5.0 opened file gif with code below are very good. After i update IE5.0 -> IE8.0, In VB6.0, when i click File->Make My file want to compile -> exe, the program VB6.0 warning error, Compile error: Method or data member not found. i have checked declare library Componen = Microsoft Internet Control (winxpsp2) but it's still warning error. If i want to use IE8.0 and VB6.0 compile .exe i have must declare library what ? can everybody help me ?
    My code:
    HTML Code:
    WebBrowser1.Navigate "about: " _    ' waring error at row 1 (in here)
            & "<html><body Leftmargin='0' topmargin='0'" _
            & "<marginwidth='0' marginheight='0' scroll='no'>" _
            & "<img src=res://Setting.exe/CUSTOM/101></img></body></html>" 'LoadResData(102, "CUSTOM")

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Why are you recompiling just because you upgraded your browser?

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