Hi all,

I have a bit of knowlodge relating to java code etc, but not really on the web side of things.

I developed a PHP / Mysql web application and would like to create a mechanism where only "registered" computers can access the application (or see the login page).

At moment i do that by using ActiveX, I get some computer env variables values and put together in certain way that it is registered to the database which everytime the client access it it is tested and compared to the database and if this "client" access is enabled access to login page is granted.

This is a maintainance nightmare as only works on IE and also you need to set IE security / zones in a certain way, etc.

I would like to use JAVA to do the same, where i only need the Java runtime on the the client and the client will receive that mesage asking to trust that publisher etc. (if you know what i mean )

Can it be done. Could someone please only give me the basic steps to accomplish the same and I will take it from there.

Thanks so much,