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Thread: Java Database Connection

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    Dec 2009

    Java Database Connection

    Hello to all,

    I am currently working on my project. The project is a simple java application.(I need to mention that I am not going to code it to be an applet.)

    Anyways, I need to insert some kind of information to mysql database using my java application. But my question is how can my program insert and get information from this database while the program is executed from different machines. I mean how can my program access to database even if I execute it from another machine. (Assuming that database permissions are not public)

    It would be dangerous to make database all public.I can give permissions to particular IPs but this is no solution.

    Additionally, once it is inserted, it is easy to get information. I just need to know how to edit my database.

    Any solutions and ideas are welcome.

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    Does this help?

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    Dec 2009
    Thanks for your consideration. But i must have explained myself wrong. I know how to connect to a database but i just wanted to conenct it not only from my machines but also from other machines.

    But i did it anyway I just wrote a simple php page that connects to my database (in the same root with the database) Then, I show this page on my java application.

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    Hi calculus, I know you have sorted your problem, but have you though about using java rmi, you could have a server running on the server which hosts the mysql database server. Just a though anyway.

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    Dec 2009
    Thanks major, as a matter of fact, i am unfamiliar with java networking. But for my problem, i am using simple HTTP post.

    Can your suggestion be related to this concept?It looks similar to HTTP requests. This RMI looks cool by the way as far as I do not know anything about it

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