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Thread: Need hep with hex/ascii code in VB6 program.

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    Need hep with hex/ascii code in VB6 program.

    I suspect the explanation of my problem will be 20 times longer then the answer.

    I am writing a restaurant point of sale program which includes a sub that prints the order to the kitchen. The sub works fine to this point. I am using a Bixolon 275c receipt printer which prints on 3 1/8 wide paper and has a feature which cuts the paper.

    I am having trouble converting the codes needed to cut the paper to work with my program

    Attached are 2 files:
    1. Bixolon Commands.doc
    2. PrepareKitchenOrder.doc

    Number 52 on the Bixolon commands list shows the ascii and hex codes for cutting the paper. I know nothing about those subjects.

    I included the PrepareKitchenOrder file to show how I have written the code. There are 2 lines (*************) in the code is where I want to place the code to cut the paper .

    Anybody out there can help me out?

    Bill Miller
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