Hi All:

Does anyone here have any experience working with XML in MS-Flight Simulator 2004? I'm trying to design a CD-player for Flight Sim that will function the same (from inside a F/S cockpit) as double-clicking on an MP3 music file outside of Flight Sim...i.e, the resident player runs it. There's one gauge that I'm aware of (Radiocd4) which does this, but it's written in C++ and compiled in .GAU format...can't be decompiled.

I design a lot of gauges (instruments) in XML for F/S, so I'm fairly handy with it in that arena, but I'm missing the crtical code for doing something outside the Flight Sim shell.

If anyone can help with this, or offer suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. If more info or a better explanation is need, let me know and it'll happen.

Thanks in advance,