Dear All,

Lately during one of my projects i have encountered a problem and
stuck on that point. I have an optical sensor that i have attached to
my pc and it detects colors in terms of RGB values. The sensor is from
a famous company and has been supplied with its own software where I
could see the data. Now to access those RGB values on visual C (so i
could further manipulate the data) the company has provided me with a
header file and lib file and ofcourse the dll file. In the
documentation which is poorly written they have also described some
API functions that have been defined in the header file and should be
called in order to access the values from sensor. For example, int
USB_DLL_API MTCSGetADCAVR2( int iIndex, unsigned short* usBuf, int
iCounts); is one of the functions that I have to use.
Now since I am new to dll programming and want to use these functions
so I could access the values from sensor, I was wondering if someone
could give me a help in order to trigger off my work. I mean I read
some articles on how to make a dll but they are rather confusing and I
think if the company has already given me the files with functions it
should be rather easier to use.
I would deeply appreciate your help.