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Thread: 2 ways communication for Bluetooth connection for J2ME..

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    2 ways communication for Bluetooth connection for J2ME..


    I am now on a project to develop an application for mobile devices. My project is “Java based e-voting system through Bluetooth (Mobile-to-Mobile)”. So, I am fully utilized the J2ME and the Bluetooth technology. As for Bluetooth technology, I need at least one Server and several Clients in order to make my program works. For this project, both Server and Clients are using mobile devices.

    As for now, I faced some problems on the Bluetooth connection:

    1) To be a Server or a Client, I need to log in myself as an Admin first, then only I can set myself either to be a Server or a Client. If I log in myself as another person (NOT Admin), I can't even be a Client. How I can make another person (NOT Admin) to be a Client..??

    2) I can be either a Server or a Client when I logged in as an Admin. So, what I did was, in one mobile phone, I logged in as an Admin and set myself as a Server. Another mobile phone, I logged in as an Admin and set myself as a Client. So now, I have a Server and a Client. BUT, this Server and Client can only make a one way communication, which means, Server can only RECEIVE and Client can only SEND.
    How I can make this Server and Client communicate in a TWO ways communication..?? Means that, a Server can SEND & RECEIVE..and same goes to Client which can SEND & RECEIVE too..

    Attached are 2 classes that involved the Bluetooth connection in my system.
    Really needs help from others..

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