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Thread: stack

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    Smile stack

    This one got me confuse
    (3) reads a string from the key board
    and stores it in a string variable named “istring”, (4) pushes each character of the string(except
    blanks) onto a stack ADT, (5) pops each character off the stack into a new string variable named
    “ostring”, (6) compares “istring”, without blanks, to “ostring” to determine if the string is a palindrome,
    and (7) prints the input string, the input string without blank spaces, the output string, and a statement whether or not the input string is a palindrome or not

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    Sounds straight-forward to me. Why not write it out in steps with space between the numbered steps. Then fill in the space with a code module or method which will do what that step describes.

    Is your question about using the Stack container? Take a look at the Java 6 documentation at .. also look at the tutorial

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