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Thread: How to count black or white pixils from a 1bit Tiff file for a given row or colum?

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    Question How to count black or white pixils from a 1bit Tiff file for a given row or colum?

    Does anyone know of a utility, library, or DLL that will count the number of white or black pixils for a given row or colum from a 1bit Tiff image file?

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    Not right off hand but you can do this on 2k and prior systems with the wang/kodak controls and on xp and later machines with wia 2.0 which you can download and get info from M$. Not that I have used wia much but I believe there is code that will allow you to display a tiff in a picture box. From there you could use VB's intrinsic point method (very slow) or the API GetPixel (faster but...). All you would need to do is retrieve the width/height and use a for loop to go from left to right or top to bottom...

    Good Luck

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    Thank you for your help. The TIFF files I'm working with are very large and I can't load the entire file in to memory or a picture box. May be I can use WIA’s filer function to chop the image up in to manageable fragments then process each fragment separately. I want to write an application that calculates the ink settings for a press that has 16 ink columns per plate and I need the ratio of white/black pixels for each column region.

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