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Thread: New to XML: Namespace Confusion

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    New to XML: Namespace Confusion

    Hi All,

    I am new to XML but I have read a number of books about it. I am confused about one thing: namespaces.

    I understand that you use namespaces when you combine two different xml documents as each document may have elements with the same name. Using namespaces the parser will be able to understand what element relates to what document.

    Why then do we use namespaces in a DTD and XSD. My understanding of these is that both describe the structure and content in an XML document. DTD is an older technology than XSD. Where XSD better describes the content within XML document with XML like syntax, DTD uses its own type syntax.

    When do we use namespaces within an DTD and XSD?? I would really appreciate if someone could clarify the difference.

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    Welcome to DevX

    This might help...

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