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Thread: SQL Insert help

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    SQL Insert help


    I need some advice with a database insert problem

    I have a product B & H 16's and when my user trys to add this item it kicks up a error -2147217900 so I trapped it and displayed "Band text"

    but how can I add the B & H 16's into the database?



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    I've sorted it

    thanks guys

    Replace(text1.text,"'", "''")

    Works wonders

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    If you use Command with Parameters this problem doesn't exists!

    You can set the parameter value directly with control value, i.e.:

    parProduct.Value = txtProduct.Text
    parDate.Value = Now

    Using of parameters don't worry how value should be formatted, because the ADODB.Command pass the correct formatting automatically request by field Type for the specific database.

    a) Access require you pass formatted value #mydate# for Date type.
    b) SQLServer, Oracle, DB2, ... require you pass formatted value 'mydate' for Date type.

    So, if your software may to use different database type, or if you want migrate to Access to SQLServer, you has forced to change sintax for all queries to adjust formatting...

    Instead, if you use a Command, doesn't change any, because the statement
    parDate.Value = Now
    work for any database

    There are many others reason to use parameter, see here:
    Database - Why should I use Parameters instead of putting values into my SQL string?

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