I wrote a blackjack game in ajax, for the sake of creating an ajax project. I'm not sure if what I have create is too much of a resource hog, like it will use up all my bandwidth. How do I figure this out?

Details: Every time the user completes and action, hit, stand, double down, there are 8 objects created on the server, which will return around 2500 characters to the client. An average hand will create about 6 action per hand with a user playing up to 3 hands a minute. This is 18 actions per user per minute returning 2500 characters, not including headers. Is this too much?

How do I determine is this game is a resource hog and needs a serious reworking before putting it online?

I have a beta version running our there tools I can use to test it?

If anyone has a good book or article please point me to it.