I work as an IT Intern and have been given the task of exporting XML data with a VOD(Video-On-Demand) file to serve up to a cable company. I have the VOD in a .M2t format and have access to the broadcast meta data from the original file(before I converted it to the VOD format).

Metadata specs:

The metadata is stored in an Informix database which I can access through an ODBC connection. I was thinking that I could have a Python script to run a query to get what I need before or after the transcoding from broadcast is complete. I only have read permissions to the informix broadcast data.

Also, I need to be able to make this work with open source applications. This will be done on a Window box. I am new to Python, but have been programming in other languages and I believe I should be able to figure it out if this is a good way to go with this.

A few questions: Is Python the way to go with this or is there a better way to handle this? Any other suggestions?