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Thread: Auto scaling of controls in a form (.Net 2008).

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    Question Auto scaling of controls in a form (.Net 2008).


    Hi, below is the problem briefed:
    In my home form I have a splitcontainer and few buttons. When the buttons are clicked respective forms are opened in the splitcontainer. The splitcontainer is anchored- top, left, right, bottom so that when the home form is resized the splitcontainer resizes itself automatically. The controls within the other forms are also anchored properly to resize themselves accordingly. But the problem is when i open a form in the splitcontainer, even if I resize the home form, the controls in the form within the splitcontainer aren't resizing. The reason is when the home form is resized the splitcontainer is resizing itself accordingly but the form inside the splitcontainer isn't (as forms don't have anchor or dock properties so I couldn't set them). As a result though the controls in the sub form
    are anchored to resize themselves yet they aren't. How to solve it.

    In short I want the form in the splitcontainer and all the controls in it to resize automatically when the home form/splitcontainer is resized. Regards.

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    Do you really need a Form inside the SplitContainer?

    Why not put your controls directly inside the panels of the SplitContainer.

    You can also use Panels or UserControls inside the SplitContainer. They are container controls, so they have an Anchor property and can hold your controls.

    If you really need the Form, react to the SizeChanged event of the SplitContainer, and use it to resize the included Form to the SplitContainer panel ClientSize value.
    Jacques Bourgeois

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    Never mind! I missed a small property. When you call the subform in the splitcontainer of the main form just set the property Dock to Fill.

    dim objFrmSubForm as New frmSubForm()

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