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Thread: passing parameters while opening a new window

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    Apr 2010

    Question passing parameters while opening a new window

    I'm quite new in developing and I'm having some problems with passing url parameters.
    I'm writing in ( and usually when creating an event, I'm using this:

    dim paramName as string
    paramName = request.querystring("CODE")....

    ...btn_onclick ()...
    response.redirect("1.aspx?code=" & paramName)

    The problem is that now I need to do the same, but open the new page in a new window.
    I understand that I need to use and write some javascript
    (I thought at first that I need target="_blank")
    Since I'm not that familiar with javascript I don't really understand how to pass a parameter from the previous page to the new one


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    hi there,

    i use this function:

    //beginning of javascript function
    function openWindow(aName,aMode,anID,aService,h,w,TableSize) {

    var vUrl= "<an url>?aName=" + aName + "&aMode=" + aMode + "&anID=" + anID + "&aService=" + aService + "&H=" + h + "&W=" + w + "&TableSize=" + TableSize;

    var vWindow ="", "vWindow", "width=" + w + ",height=" + h + ",menubar=no,toolbar=no,status=no,personalbar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=no");
    if (vWindow == null)
    alert("Please disable pop-up blockers");
    vWindow.moveTo(0, 0);

    //end of javascript function

    then in in a code-behind page of an aspx file, I have somewhere:
    'beginning of code
    sb.Append("<td align=""center""><a href=""vWindow"" onclick=""")
    sb.Append("openWindow('") 'and so forth
    'end of code

    which creates dynamic html. thus, when somebody clicks such link it opens a pop-up window.
    now, i know you want something different, which is to redirect to 1.aspx in a pop-up window. well, i haven't done that, but maybe this will work (you just have to let us know...)

    instead of:

    response.redirect("1.aspx?code=" & paramName)

    change to:

    response.write("<script language='javascript'>return openWindow(" + <send parameters as string values> + ";</script>")

    and inside openWindow, <an url> would be "1.aspx"

    maybe, this is that simple, or needs more work to be done.

    i wish you luck,

    tonci korsano

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