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Thread: How to create an empty project

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    How to create an empty project

    I've learned how to create C++ Projects following the wizard to make a Win32 Console Application. That's not too hard but I'd like to learn how to create an empty project but I've having trouble. Here is what I did:

    1. Go into File - New Project. Highlight Empty Project.
    2. Give the project a name like "Welcome To Programming." Click OK.
    3. Go into Project - Add New Item. Highlight Code. Highlight CPP File.
    4. Give that a name like "Welcome To Programming." Then click Add.
    5. At this point I'm looking at a bare .cpp code window. There is nothing in it.
    6. Now I start typing in usual simple code stuff.

    Now I can build it successfully and I can compile it successfully but when I try to run it it says:

    No debugging information. Debugging information for Welcome To Programming.exe cannot be found or does not match. Binary was not built with debug information.

    What am I doing wrong? I'm using Visual Studio 2005.

    Wait... I see a window on my taskbar that looks like the program has in fact run. So I guess it ran but what is with that message about having no debugging info?
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