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Thread: transaction - rollback in C++6.0 ???

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    Apr 2010

    transaction - rollback in C++6.0 ???

    hi everybody.
    now, i wish help for me this matter.

    when I update field "Pass" of table USER. if table USER have 100000 records, but when update to records 5 ==> error, i need rollback all data when table not update, but if update 10 records success ==> update all.
    in C#, it have support this matter, but in C++6.0 I don't know.

    thanks very much.

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    This sounds like a database (?). If so, you must use libraries to connect c++ to a database, this is not part of the c++ language naturally. Visual 6.0 is very old but does have, if I remember, the old mircosoft JET engine and basic database commands.

    I am unsure of how to do a rollback with this tool. The brute force way may work -- get the records and store them, if you have a failure you send the original data back (but, if you are having failures, will this work??). But there is probably a command you can send to the database server to roll back or undo the last command, this is probably just and SQL command (?).

    An issue is, did anything change when your command failed? If your command failed, its possible no rollback is needed because its possible nothing was changed. This may be something to test, or it may relate to the error condition/code, maybe find out if you even need the rollback?

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    Apr 2010
    thanks for your help. in database, it only transaction 1 record, i think, we need using tool of VC++6.0.

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