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Thread: Can Some body please help me?? I am stuck..

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    Can Some body please help me?? I am stuck..

    I have a tool which takes the data from the microscope. A user can do some edit work in the file and can save the file anywhere in the system at the place of his choice. Now, I want the file to be transferred automatically to the desired location. To do this the system should find the recently saved file with particular extension and transfer it to the data store. Can anybody please let me know what are the ways to do it...? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you asking how to have your web page scan a client PC for a particular file?

    If so, I'm happy to say you can't do that. Web pages are not designed to interact with the client pc... there are too many variables.

    In addition, that possibilities of malware if this were possible boggle the mind.

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