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Thread: Simple - Not for me

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    Simple - Not for me

    There is probably such an easy solution, but need some advice on how to reach the end product.
    What I need is an automated process that allows a specified user to upload a word doc and have it generate an asp (or html) page to our website.
    What exactly I am doing is this, currently human resources sends me a job opening in a word document, and I have been simply converting it to an asp page and posting the link and all has been good.
    What I would like to do is automate the process, by having the doc automatically converted and displayed. There are few things that would be required, a html link generated, an open and close date check, and then the conversion. i am pretty confident that the linking and date checks are pretty straight forward for me, it's the conversion that I having problems getting my head around. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    reuse and not use

    hi there,

    if you already have this process the right way plus up and running then my guess is you only need to call this process as a scheduled task, where this scheduled task will run every minute or maybe every five minutes. you could also resource to call your process from a windows service, which i have done, but is requires a little more programming.

    what i mean is this: put your process inside a program with the same logic flow it has now, plus whatever enhancements you can think about. you can do this in dotnet, but you can do this even in vbscript, or jscript, etc. next, test your whole process in this computer program, and once you know it is where you need it, you make a scheduled task out of it, running once per <n> minutes. think about this like those documents reaching a queue, checking if this queue has a new document or new documents every <n> minutes, and process these documents if there are any, or else waiting until next interval of time is reached.

    i hope this sheds some lights,

    tonci korsano

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    Sounds like you are trying to automate what is now a manual process.

    With respect to the Word portion, is the document free form? is it Word 2007 or 2010? If not free form are you using Content Controls for the fields?

    Depending on the answers you may be able to use the OpenXML SDK to access the document from your code and pull the information out of it to create the page.

    What might be a better solution is to create a Word add-in that could be run on the client to "submit" the job opening. The add-in could then take care of saving the word document locally as an HTML using SaveAs() on the document and then upload the html output to the server automatically.

    A more elegant solution and allows your users to stay in Word and not have to deal with email. You could also get fancier if you wanted and have the web service that revceives the HTML page be the entry point to a Workflow and provide status updates to the submitter as the document goes through your steps.
    John Wiese
    ISV Architect Evangelist - Microsoft

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