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Thread: I've no idea what to titling this!?

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    Mar 2010

    I've no idea what to titling this!?

    Hi everybody

    I've just start to programming in .Net framework and this question came to me:

    What kind of programs are written by WIN32 projects?

    any answer would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badguy View Post
    What kind of programs are written by WIN32 projects?
    Anything you want...

    Are you going to be using C#?

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    Almost every Windows application and service are written in it.
    Danny Kalev

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    Mar 2010
    thanks for answers.
    Anything you want...
    Almost every Windows application and service are written in it
    it seems every windows applications using form application programming

    i don't get ""every"" in ""every windows application and service"" ,like what?

    and for ""any thing you want..."" I thought console applications are belong to past ,why should i write a program with it (Note that i'm very comfortable to write console applications, but i don't get what's special about win32 can anyone can clear that for me?)

    Are you going to be using C#?
    C++.Net is taught in our university ; but there is a huge question mark upon my Brain
    "why there is no desire on C++.Net ?"
    i can't find any source for it , it seems no one like to programming in C++ form applications,Why?

    and Hack, why you ask that?
    Last edited by badguy; 05-27-2010 at 12:11 PM.

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    Most games have c++ portions of their code, esp the engine.

    Dont think of commandline as what you do in class. Think of any program that has no interface at all, such as a device driver, or the operating system processes (open task manager and look at all the processes running that have no interface!). Or think of tools, such as 7zip which has a commandline version, or built in OS tools like grep or file compare or xcopy. They usually use commandline flags and not a silly menu (press 1 to timewarp back to 1982, press 3 to exit). The menu stuff is mostly dead.

    But many a windowed (FORMS are GUI programs, or windowed programs, or whatever term you like for these things) program is also in C++. I think the newish google chrome browser is in c++, or partially so. Most fullscreen games are at least partially c++. Most device drivers are as well, as are most hardware libraries (to program a chip for example is usually C or C++).

    Too much to list, but many, many modern programs are at least partially in c++.

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    Thanks, Many things become clear to me

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