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Thread: Create confirmation during process

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    Question Create confirmation during process

    I'm just using ASP.NET

    My background is a desktop programmer, as well as users who use it. Usually I make a confirmation when the process took place with instructions

    .... Button_click ()
    if (MessageBox.Show ("Customer has exceeded the budget, sure would be in the process of?") ...)
    / / Next command

    How to do it in ASP.NET
    current coding as follows, but the value of fixed = false txtConfirm

    public void btnSavePrint_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e)

    txtConfirm.Text = "false";
    ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript (this.UpdatePanel1, typeof(string), "MDT", "Document.all ['" + txtConfirm.ClientID +"']. Value = confirm ('Customer budget exeeded, continue ?'); javascript:" + Page.GetPostBackEventReference (txtConfirm, "@@@@buttonPostBack ") +"; ", true);

    //next command

    Q? : why txtConfirm value always false, though in confirmation I selected OK button

    I need txtConfirm.ClientID value force to server txtConfirm

    any one know how to do that ?

    sorry for my poor english

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    Oct 2008

    it might depend o the browser with which you are testing

    hi there,

    maybe instead of Document.All[], you should use document.getElementById().
    also, it is document instead of Document, as javascript is case sensitive, to the point that Var1 and var1 might be different variables. Besides, check whether the property you should use is value and not Value because of the same reason.
    I would run your dynamically created javascript code through a javascript debugger to find whether is not giving errors.

    best regards,

    tonci korsano "what you think doesn't matter! what matters is evidence..."

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