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Thread: Cpu

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    What kind of CPU will be better for rendering? I am an architecture student and looking to build up a machine for rendering. Im having a hard time deciding on a cpu. With programs like studio max, will a quad core with high multitasking abilities be better or should i go for higher megahertz's? Id love to go for the top of the range but the budget doesn't allow it. Also, will a quad-core be so much better than a dual-core? Please help.
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    Lightbulb best i can tell

    not really sure what you are looking for here, but i would believe that a good dual core cpu with a high megahertz would suffice, you may also want to load up on ram, and get a really good video card with large amount of video ram and a high megahertz processor on it as well.....

    just my opinion..... hope this helps.....

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