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Thread: How would you output an XML file with an Ole Attachment?

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    Jul 2010

    How would you output an XML file with an Ole Attachment?

    I'm an XML virgin and a scripting neophyte. I'm trying to include an OLE Object in an XML file. I've tried several methods and the closest I've come is scripting the output. However, when I get to xmloutput.write(sSQL), I get an invalid procedure error.

    If I comment out the Ole Object everything works perfectly. Can I script the output of the OLE object into XML? If not what would be a better way?

    I looked into using "Microsoft XML, v6" but didn't see anything that lets you add attachments.

    I have a 3 day headache....can you help?

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    Jul 2010

    Wrong question

    after a little more research I see that the OLE object cannot be imported into needs to be encoded to a base64 bit encoded binary file....then included.

    So now the question is....can the Base 64 bit coding be performed in VBA in Access 2007?

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