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Thread: Trouble with refreshing and deleting data in JPanels

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    Trouble with refreshing and deleting data in JPanels

    I'm learning how to use Java Swing and tried my hand at creating a calendar or day planner. Essentialy i have a vector that store Detail objects, each object containing an hour, minute and text field, with the ability to activate it. I have a JPanel that is used to add new objects to the vector, but how do i refresh the JPanel or JFrame to show the new entry (i know the vector will not store the new entry when i close and reopen the app, i already have plans to serialize the vector). The other problem i have is that each entry has a delete button associated to it, but i can't get that to delete the entry, even though i've made the index a global variable. Eventually i will need to be able to do the same with the checkbox, where i can turn it off so the entry is invisible. The code i have is below:
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