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Thread: javascript within body in ajax

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    Sep 2007

    javascript within body in ajax

    hi everybody,
    i am using ajax in my page to get contents and load them in a 'div' inside my main page. everything works fine as long as the content is a normal html code. but if the content contains javascript then it is not executing. e.g. the javascript of my content is
    <script type="text/javascript">alert('content');</script>
    as i click a link to get this content, it is not executing.
    does anybody hav the answer for my problem?? thanx in advance...

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    Sep 2007
    I have had the same problem but I found a workaround which is following. does not work in IE but works beautifully in Netscape and Firefox. May be you can tell me what is the problem with IE.

    1 - from your ajax script put a id on your script like.
    <script id="scriptFromAjax">
    2 - On Success from ajax add the following line.
    var response = o.responseText;
    document.getElementById("ajaxresponseDiv").innerHTML = response;
    //this is where you get all your script contents.
    var scriptEle = document.getElementById('scriptFromAjax')

    3- Paste the following function in your receiving page. Put a div tag with id=dinamicJScontainer.

    function LoadJS(theScript)
    var newElem = document.createElement("script");
    var elemJS = document.getElementById("dinamicJScontainer");

    //IE is failing on following line.
    newElem.innerHTML = theScript;
    alert(newElem.innerHTML );


    4- Optional -- call the following function if you want to clear the contents of jJavascript.
    function eliminar(x){

    Hope this will help.
    Khalid Ansari

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    Sep 2007
    JavaScript contents within AJAX response do work on IE. You need to get the <script node out of your ajax response and then eval() on it.

    In my case, I have done following.
    //response text is ajax response.
    var response = o.responseText;
    response = response.split("<!")[0];
    //I am getting first element (0) because I have script element first in my response.
    var b = response.split(/\<\/?script[^\<]*\>/i)[0];
    document.getElementById(divid).innerHTML = response;

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    Aug 2010
    Are you saying you got it working in IE? I am having this same problem, but don't understand what you did to make it work.. I'm getting a runtime error in IE

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