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Thread: VB No longer supports FLASH object

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    Sep 2009

    VB No longer supports FLASH object


    Well, I went on a cognitive sabbatical, and all **** broke loose.

    I last compiled my program in November of 2009, then I moved on to other endeavors.

    I have returned to make some code enhancements and my source code will not compile anymore. I have narrowed the problem down to a recent download of the latest flash10h.ocx. None of my programs that include FLASH (even the simple demo programs) now compile.

    I went online to look for a fix, and the only one I found advised me to rename the flash*.ocx to flash.ocx and re-run regsvr32.

    No dice.

    If I remove the flash element, no problem saving and creating an executable. Add it (FLASH elements) back in, and when I try to save the file, I get the following error...

    "System Error &H80004005 Unspecified Error"

    Is there a new trick to this?

    Windows XP Professional Version 5.1.2600 SP3 Build 2600
    VB6 (SP4) Version 8862
    SWF created in FLASH 8 (and earlier)
    Latest Flash OCX (flash10h.ocx)

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    Sep 2009

    Update #1

    I have downloaded and ran the latest service pack, VB6 SP6. I have also re-installed VB6, and uninstalled and re-installed FLASH10h.ocx.

    I still get the exact same error.

    The project has multiple forms (13), class modules (4), and code modules (six). Three of the forms have FLASH objects. I can make changes to any of the forms and modules, and I can run the program in debug mode within the VB environment. Everything works. I can even create an executable with the changes. Wehen I try to save changes to the forms or modules, they are saved without issue. UNLESS the form has a FLASH element on it. Somehow, an attempt to save changes to a form with a FLASH element causes the *.vbx file to disappear, and as a result, all of the images are wiped out. Since this is the resource file, that makes sense, but I don't understand what is going on.

    Curiouser and curiouser....
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    Nov 2003
    Alameda, CA
    Welcome to Dll ********
    I spend more time fixing problems related to that issue than anything else, because they are so hard to track down. It is even possible that the problem is not in the ocx itself, but in some library the ocx is using. And don't you love those very enlightening error codes: "System Error &H80004005 Unspecified Error"???

    I feel you pain my friend.
    Time to move on and forget Flash. In more than ten years of development, we throw away so many third party components that were more trouble than worth.
    Last edited by mstraf; 08-10-2010 at 12:59 PM. Reason: Look how many nice *'s I got :) Am I a General yet?
    "There are two ways to write error-free programs. Only the third one works."

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    Sep 2009
    Well, THAT's discouraging.
    I am writing a pre-hospital simulator, and need the graphics and interactivity of FLASH.

    Any suggestions of what other product to use? WPF?

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    Sep 2009

    Adobe is not compatible...

    It has been verified on the Adobe site: flash10h.ocx and the newest release, flash10i.ocx have a known compatibility issue with VB6...

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    Aug 2010

    It could be a registry problem.

    All the issues I've had reciently are related with Registry errors. In the library of this website I found a program that is really helpfull. it let's me register all the files that VB does nor register.
    What I normally do is that I look for the object that is not registered (VB tells you which one is, in the formlog file), then I run the registry program, find that specific file and register it. This normally works for me.

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