I need to change the properties of a couple of databse fields in a table. I am using Office 2003 Access application. Its a filed in a linked table wrongly set to TEXT and it should be CURRENCY. After researching teh web I tried to use the following code but ist giving me the following error message.

"Run time Error '3293' - Syntax Error in ALTER TABLE Statement"

This is the code I am running:
Private Sub Command33_Click()

Dim strDB As String, MySQL As String

Dim appAccess As Access.Application

Const strConPathToExtDB = "C:\Users\Talāt\Desktop\TestDB.mdb"

Set appAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")

appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase strConPathToExtDB

MySQL = "ALTER TABLE Ltbl_Products ALTER COLUMN 'Unit Cost' CURRENCY (2);"

appAccess.DoCmd.RunSQL MySQL

Set appAccess = Nothing

End Sub
Can anyone help out please?