I have the code:

SQLString = "Select [Nume firma], [Locatie] From [Email Colaboratori]" & "Where [Locatie] like '" & txtCautare.Text & "%'"
ElseIf optFirma.Value = True Then
SQLString = "Select [Nume firma] From [Email Colaboratori]" & "Where [Nume firma] like '" & txtCautare.Text & "%'"
End If

Adodc3.RecordSource = SQLString

The form which has this code is open all the time. After I make the interogation, my ADO is still open? When the ADO is close? Only if I close the form or....there is an another way to do this? I use the ADO control in form.
I'm interesting in this because I made an VB application (with Access database)which run on a network, and when the appl is open for more clients this run very slowly.

Could you give me an suggestion to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance!