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Thread: DB File Won't Open Again

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    DB File Won't Open Again

    This code worked yesterday but it wouldn't won't work today on the first or second run attempt. I got the error message "File Not Found." I closed the project, opened it again and the third time it worked fine. Worked fine on the fourth attempt too. Am I losing it or is VB6 and Access on drugs? I use XP SP3 and Access 2003, SP3.

    Private Sub form_load()
    Dim sPath As String

    Open "MyDatabase.mdb" For Input As #1

    Set dbMyDB = OpenDatabase("MyDatabase.mdb")
    Set rsMyRS = dbMyDB.OpenRecordset("MyTable", dbOpenDynaset)

    If Not rsMyRS.EOF Then rsMyRS.MoveFirst
    Do While Not rsMyRS.EOF
    lstRecords.AddItem rsMyRS!Name
    lstRecords.ItemData(lstRecords.NewIndex) = rsMyRS!ID

    End Sub

    Private Sub lstRecords_Click()

    rsMyRS.FindFirst "ID=" & Str(lstRecords.ItemData(lstRecords.ListIndex))
    txtPhone.Text = rsMyRS!Phone
    txtName.Text = rsMyRS!Name
    txtMoCost.Text = rsMyRS!MoCost
    txtKwh.Text = rsMyRS!kWh

    End Sub

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    First, why are you opening the file? There is not need to do it, just let sql doing its job. The lines of code
    Dim sPath As String
    Open "MyDatabase.mdb" For Input As #1
    are completely useless.
    Second, I suggest you to write the full path of the file, if you just use "MyDatabase.mdb" the program will work only when the working folder and the file path are the same.

    Please, use the [code] tag to post you code...
    "There are two ways to write error-free programs. Only the third one works."

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