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Thread: Sending email

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    Dec 2009

    Question Sending email

    Hi guys, i'm new to vb6.

    i'm using vb6 and sql server 2000. i want some sample codes to send an email thru yahoo in vb6 with attachment.


    my email address is Email address removed. i want to send emails to yahoo, gmail and hotmail accounts. i tried many places and i dont know how to configure my smtp server correctly.

    so please help me. i need step by step explanation as i'm not an expert. please post the sample code.

    thank u very very much.
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    I have edited your post and removed your email address.

    You should never post your email address in an open post on an open forum. Mail spam bots can pick that up and before you know it, your mailbox is full of junk mail. If you wish to share your email address with other forum members, please do so via our PM system.

    But even more importantly than that, we prefer all answers to questions be publically posted rather than sent via EMail or PM. That way, everyone with a similar problem can benefit.


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    i'm extremely sorry sir,

    thank u very much for your kind advice sir. i faced that problem in my experience. so i'm not metioning my TRUE email address.

    but sir with due respect u have misunderstood me. i did not mean it is my email address. but what i am trying to say is "IF IT IS MY EMAIL ADDRESS...etc". that's why i have mentioned "ex:" before that. (ex: stands for example).

    Yes sir that is not my email address. thank you again.

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan

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