I know that this question is posted in this forum but I don't think that it was answered before.

I have a field in my database thats written in milliseconds. It's a "loggedin" field from when an agent logs into a database. What I need to do is to convert that to an actual date.

Here is the query that I have:

[SELECT [Employees].name, [Employees].Employeenumber,
Convert ([Timestamp]-([LoggedIn]/1000)/60))/1440+1,"mm/dd/yy"as [DATE],
FROM Employees INNER JOIN mOpInterval ON [Employees].Loginname1 = mOpInterval.Opname
So the "starting" time for this will be different for everyone, since it's dependent on when a user logs in. A similar query was written in access and produces the following result:

Last_First_Name Employee_Number Date Day LogIn OnTime1 Da
agent, some 9999 06/06/10 Sunday 481 454 10/06/06

What I'm needing to do this for, is that I have to show a cumulative result from everyday for "loggedin" time that shows a date.

Can anyone offer me some assistance with this?