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Thread: File Header and Footer signature in VB.NET

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    Nov 2010

    Smile File Header and Footer signature in VB.NET

    Hello all & Greetings!!!

    I am a newbie into programming and I need to develop an application in VB.NET, which should be able to read the first 4-bytes and last 4-bytes of any file selected by the user using a BROWSE Dialog from the application

    also, in the backend, I am planning to use MSSQL for storing 3 fields, File Header, File Footer, and Extension,

    when the user selects any file via BROWSE, then the file header and footer values should be checked from the database, and I am planning to pre-populate all the file types with their extensions along with Header and Footer values,

    so, if a match exists then it should display the extension for that file BASED on the HEADER and FOOTER values.

    Can anyone help me with this,

    I am a newbie and dont know how to integrate the MSSQL DB in the VB.NET app, i am learning,

    and how do i read the FILE details like HEADER and FOOTER, and how can i compare using the VB.NET code from the DB.

    Can anyone please help me.

    Thanks in advance

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    I am a newbie too... but my guess is the class you need is System.IO.TextReader

    It has a Read method that should work for you.

    TextReader.Read Method (Char(), Int32, Int32)
    Reads a maximum of count characters from the current stream and writes the data to buffer, beginning at index.

    In any case, check the MSDN documentation for System.IO.



    PS: I assume you know how to use the browse dialog... if not check this
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