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Thread: Distorted Text on ajax form in ie browsers

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    Distorted Text on ajax form in ie browsers

    I am building a website on a local server machine, we are implementing ajax form for "quickview" page. I've noticed that in ie browsers (7&8) text looks distorted. It looks normal on a regular product page in ie browsers, but once I open "quickview" ajax form text looks distorted. I have attached image for better understanding. You can also check couple more website which seam to have the same issue. 1. sears(dot)com and 2. ae(dot)com. Open any product in "quickview" and in regular product page through ie browsers to see the difference. Please advise how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
    Toli B.
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    Ajax is utf8, most browsers aren't. you need to develope with utf8 fonts and settings.

    Hope i pointed you in right direction.

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