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Thread: validating XML against given XSD

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    validating XML against given XSD

    i have a xml file & a given xsd

    XML file will be created from any source of data
    after the file creation i need to just validate/ check the data against the given xsd
    ie if a field is defined a numeric and if any charcter is entered in it than it shld display the invalid data error msg
    if a field needs to contain a date field & if the data is invalid as checked against the xsd it shld display the message


    is this way of validation for XML possible against a given XSD??
    or how do i solve this issue

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    You can restrict content to allow for detailed validation using the XSD:

    However, the validation result depends upon what you are intending to use to perform the validation!?

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    currently i am referring which has a good example

    but the only prblm is i not able to select any other xml document

    i need to allow the users to select the xml docuument & the associated xsd shd automically be taken
    is there any such example

    i dont need to give the validation parsmeters
    i am given both xml and xsd i need to validate the xml against xsd

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    I am not aware of any standard example for this. However, your issue lies with the UI design and implementation not with the XML and it's validation.

    Try looking at the OpenFileDialog of Windows Forms or similar if using WPF.

    Additionally, I am not aware of anything that will automatically detect the schema in .NET. I believe XML editors key off of the xsi:noSchemaNamespace attribute, which is normally used to define the path of the schema. This path could be resolved to a schema, alternatively you would need to add the functionality to allow the user to specify the schema in addition to the XML.

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