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Thread: Newbie - Is this valid?

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    Newbie - Is this valid?

    Is the following valid XML? I checked some vaidators on the net and they say the element 'Roster' is not declared. I don't know what that means.

    1) My first question is can I have the same attribute in two children? For eg. both Type and SubType have the attribute 'val'. Is that alright?

    2) Second question is how should I declare Roster?. I checked some websites that talk about some DTD. I don't want to complicate. Can't I just leave the XML as it is below. Should I get into DTD declarations etc?


    <Type val='ABC'>
    <SubType val='1'>
    <Function> act </Function>

    <Type val='DEF'>
    <SubType val='2'>
    <Function> play </Function>



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    The XML fragment you have specified is well-formed etc.
    There are no issues in using the same name for an attribute on different elements.

    The only question you need to ask yourself is do you need to validate your XML!?

    If so then I would suggest creating an XSD (schema) rather than a DTD.

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