I have searched this for several days now. So if this is answered already in this forum, I did not come across the answer that I need!

I am using simple XML with the following tags
<title> Title </title>
<date> Date </date>
<post> One paragraph.
Second paragraph.
Third Paragraph.</post>
I have an XSL file that is translating the xml into HTML.

I just need to know how to get the parser to include the line breaks in the post element.

<![CDATA[ <br/>]]>
does not work -- it shows the br tag and doesn't format it.

\n, /n, or n\ do not work.

&#xD; or #xA do not work.

in the XML
<element xml:space="preserve">
does not work.

in the XSL
<xsl:preserve-space elements="post"/>
doesn't work.

I believe I may have to write a DTD or make up and Entity reference, but neither of those I know how to do -- I don't know where to put the code. I tried doing it myself, but the browser would show an xsl error.

Does someone here have a simple answer to keeping line breaks in an xml file? Could someone tell me how to create a DTD and entity reference?

I'd really appreciate some help! very much!