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Thread: Programme Help - Input

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    Programme Help - Input

    I have to write a program which prints the input lines which will skip the initial spaces and tabulator characters, as well as completely empty lines.

    can anyone please help me with this?

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    Lots of folks can help...what have you written so far that isn't working for you?

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    Sometimes its easier to not program. Stuff like this can be done in certain word processors, by search and replace all tabs with nothing, or the like.

    The eatwhite funciton might help, if you really want to use code for it (if this is homework or something rather than a practical need),or you can roll your own by checking the specific conditions that you want to act upon (good idea as eatwhite may do too much or too little, while a custom one will do exactly what you want).

    You might also just put a regex parser to work, to handle cases like (space, space, space, end of line) which is a blank line once you eliminate the spaces, etc.

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