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Thread: how to access the http and https in the same page in

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    how to access the http and https in the same page in

    Hello All,

    I am creating a website with password-protected pages in it.

    I have two type of customer: 1. normal 2. secured

    For secured customers, pages would be rendered over HTTPS whereas for normal customer, pages will be rendered over HTTP. However, pages for both types of users would be same.

    Please note, the URL for the two users should be same except HTTP/HTTPS part.

    Also would like to know, sometimes when we browse some HTTPS page and few of the items like image are referenced over HTTP then we get a cross in Address Bar indicating that some of the resources are not over HTTPS.

    How can we overcome this problem, any suggestions?

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    to get rid off that warning when you are showing secure and non-secured items in a web page, i made the url of those non-secured items https:// as well.
    it turns out it is a web site that can be accessed with http and https as well, so items in this web site can be referenced with http:// or https://
    if when connecting to a web page of your web site, you use https, then make all references to items ( including graphics, flash files, etc ) https as well.

    good luck,


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