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Thread: C++ Pthread Lock / Unlock in succession

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    C++ Pthread Lock / Unlock in succession


    I have some software with a bunch o' threads trying to read / edit a std::vector. I then also have a continuous loop inside main()

    If I create a mutex but immediately lock it and then in the main loop do

    The other threads (which are also blocked by the mutex btw) do not unblock. They do however if I do...

    usleep(1); // could even be 0 and still works.
    Can anyone suggest a reason for this? Does usleep() (and I assume sleep() in Windows) do something to make all the other threads take priority?

    From my experience of this so far, this instant block/unblock makes for a pretty simple way of ensuring thread safety in an otherwise slightly complex design. I just want to make sure I am not kludging things too much :)

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    sleep puts the thread in which it is called to sleep --- that thread is no longer given any cpu time or resources or anything until the sleep delay is over. So when you sleep, there will be a 1 second or 1 milisecond or whatever the units are delay between the calls. I dunno if that answers your question... but all other threads will continue to run during the sleep delay.

    It looks unreliable. It looks like the unblock does not exist long enough for the threads to unblock normally on your particular machine because you reblock them too fast for the unblock to have any effect. Throwing a sleep in there allows it to happen. The sleep version is probably reliable but the other one... you risk the threads unblocking if you move the executable to another machine, or take it to release mode, or make some subtle change, etc.

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