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Thread: C++ Pthread Lock / Unlock in succession

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    C++ Pthread Lock / Unlock in succession


    I have some software with a bunch o' threads trying to read / edit a std::vector. I then also have a continuous loop inside main()

    If I create a mutex but immediately lock it and then in the main loop do

    The other threads (which are also blocked by the mutex btw) do not unblock. They do however if I do...

    usleep(1); // could even be 0 and still works.
    Can anyone suggest a reason for this? Does usleep() (and I assume sleep() in Windows) do something to make all the other threads take priority?

    From my experience of this so far, this instant block/unblock makes for a pretty simple way of ensuring thread safety in an otherwise slightly complex design. I just want to make sure I am not kludging things too much :)

    Best Regards,

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