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Thread: dowload file in with c# - resumeable

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    Nov 2011

    dowload file in with c# - resumeable

    is this forum new?
    only 3 or 5 threads in area!
    i was looking for a class for resumeable downlaod files in with c#.
    there is a class in devx for vb and that class is too old (written for .net 2)
    i am looking for another one for .net4.
    would you please help me for getting it.
    i searched for this class in many many sites and forums and it seems devx is my last chance because of that vb class.

    really appreciate for help and answer
    best regards

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan

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    Nov 2011

    this calss is not a fully functional class

    really thanks for attention in this forum.
    plz see the link below :
    as you see those codes are for .net 2 / but i am looking a fully functional codes about download and resume(with supporting large files and speed control) for .net4.
    your class does not support resume.also does not support large files.
    any idea?

    best regards

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