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Thread: WebClint download file not working on server

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    Jun 2008

    WebClint download file not working on server

    To download file, the following code works on localhost but not working on Web server. Can you help please?



    WebClient wc = new WebClient();
    wc.DownloadFile(@"", @"C:/test/Test.pdf");

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    Oct 2008

    ftp client

    hi there,

    can you copy and paste the generated error?
    it turns out that on your client computer, ftp client settings work fine.
    however, in a server there are security settings for ftp access, which are stricter than the ones you have in your client computer.
    that means your code might need to be modified to comply with the security settings of your server.
    however, there is something you can do:
    in your server, open internet explorer (indeed you can try all browsers in your server) and use this web address -->
    watch the results, which can give you an idea of what is be happening.
    moreover, you can use ftp client software, like filezilla, cute ftp, core ftp, and so forth, and then watch what happens between the same program between your computer and this server.
    besides, is downloading via http://
    probably, you can try by downloading through ftp:// if there is such ftp server that you can use to download this file.
    you could also get the stack trace of this error, by using StackTrace property of your exception instance in your catch block.

    i hope this helps,

    tonci korsano.

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    Jun 2008

    WebClint download file not working on server

    Thanks, Tonci

    Our Web site is an IIS. The page can download file from my localhost machine. But the same page not working on Web server. There is no error message.

    the Test.pdf file can display as well on the browser. Is there any browser security setting or network security setting I can try?



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    Oct 2008

    maybe looking at the event log

    hi there,

    if you opened a browser in your server and could download locally that file then maybe you can look for events in your event log.
    i mean events about iis.
    this page --> talks about event ids related to iis, and the last one mentions about downloads being prevented.
    you would basically look for these events in the typical sections of security, application and system.
    besides looking for iis events, i would also look at dotnet generated events.
    this event might be a warning instead of an error.
    it shouldn't be so hard to find such an event because you know the timestamp at which you tried to download this file with your program that works from your computer.

    good luck,

    tonci korsano.

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